Music is the world's universal language and has been an uplifting source for many around the world who have dealt with being persecuted and depressed in economic and social areas.  Music has also, been the soundtrack for those individuals lives and gave them hope and inspired them to deal and cope with those depressing issues they faced.  For example, in the 1960's artists like James Brown wrote songs like; "I'm Black and I'm Proud" songs like this inspired and gave black Americans direction and answers by the way of music.  Today, due to commercialism and exploitation of music in the industry, those messages of positivity and upliftment are being silenced.

The Hip Hop Culture and the community as a whole are suffering because of the exploitation of rap music with its negative images and messages being reinforced and projected towards the youth...who are lost and searching for identity.

This documentary film purpose is to bring awareness in the areas of history, educating, and preservation of the positive things in music and the culture that are being lost due to exploitation.

I would like to thank you for your support and being a part of the the music lovers movement. We have some serious issues going on in our communities today dealing with the youth. This problem is more than just music but music once again transcends all barriers.

Thank You!!!

DJ Easy B

The Hip Hop icons featured in the documentary include:

Rodney Stone of Funky 4 + 1
Grand Wizzard Theodore
Tracy 168
Doc Ice
Steve Dee
Mell Starr
DJ Kimpossible
DJ Bazarro

Chuck D of Public Enemy
DJ Hollywood
Cut Master DC
DJ Flawless
TJ Mizell
DJ Lady Love
Son of Bazerk
Kev Ski of Original Rock Steady Crew